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Product Code: AP-OXY-ANALYST

Please Note:
In order to continue to advance Oxygen Forensic Detective and new products, Oxygen Forensics is ending the sale of Oxygen Forensic Analyst. The software will continue to receive updates, and customers will continue to receive support until June 1, 2019. After that date, the software will continue to operate, but will no longer receive updates, and customer support for the product will cease.

During this period from June 1, 2018 to June 1, 2019 we will be working with our customers on an upgrade plan. Please feel free to contact us, should you have any questions.

Powerful software to extract data from mobile devices

  • Acquires data from 12020+ devices (Android, BB, iOS, WP, etc.)
  • Imports device backups & images (iTunes, Android, JTAG and more)
  • Parses data from 320 unique apps and 1780+ total app versions
  • Recovers a wide range of deleted data
  • Offers data analytics (Aggregated Contacts, Social Graph, Timeline)
  • Exports data to popular file formats, like PDF, RTF, XLS, XML, etc.

SQLite Viewer allows to explore the database files with the following extensions: .sqlite, .sqlite3, .sqlitedb, .db, .db3. Experts have the access to the actual and deleted data stored in databases created by system and user applications.

Rooting a device based on Android OS reveals the complete set of user data to the investigator. Generally this procedure needs certain knowledge and research, but Oxygen Forensic® Suite helps experts to automate this operation.

Plist files, known as Property List XML Files, contain a lot of valuable forensic information in Apple devices. Browser history, Wi-Fi access points, speed dials, Bluetooth settings, global applications settings, Apple Store settings and even more data can be extracted from .plist files.

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