UFED Physical Analyzer

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Product Code: AP-UFED-DONGLE

Accelerate investigations with the most advanced mobile forensics application in the industry. UFED Physical Analyzer provides unmatched access to mobile data and exposes every segment of a device’s memory using advanced logical, file system and physical extractions, in-depth decoding, analysis and reporting features.

Unlock the actionable intelligence to accelerate investigations using the UFED Physical Analyzer’s powerful features:

[ezcol_1half] Extraction:

  • Advanced logical, file system and physical
    extractions, including simple passcode recovery
    are supported for iOS devices:
  • Devices running iOS 4.0 and higher are supported
    for advanced logical extraction
  • Devices running iOS 3.0 and higher are supported
    for file system and physical extraction, and simple
    passcode recovery


  • Reveal much more deleted data by carving from
    unallocated space
  • Decoding of JTAG and Chip-off physical extractions
  • Decode a wide range of applications
  • Manual decoding using Hex viewer with search
    capabilities or manual python scripting
  • Validate recovered artifacts using the unique
    evidence verification engine
  • Recover data and image files with the data and
    image carving function
  • View, search and export tables and content
    (including deleted data) from SQLite database files
    with the SQLite Databases Viewer
  • Plugin and Chain Management
  • First to market with TomTom® trip-log decryption,
    decoding of BlackBerry® and BB5 devices, and
    many more advanced decoding capabilities [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]


  • Dig deep into your data using a rich set of analysis
  • Unique analysis capabilities include Advanced
  • Search, Malware Detection, Offline Translation and Watch List
  • Benefit from a rich set of views: Conversation View, Timeline, Maps View, Project Analytics 


  • Easily share data with authorized persons using UFED Reader (no installation, free of charge)
  • Generate and customize reports in multiple formats   ufed-physical-analyzer[1]                [/ezcol_1half_end]