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Product Code: AP-T3K-LEAP

LEAP (Law Enforcement Analytical Platform) is a software tool developed for law enforcement in need of a solution for quick digital analysis to detect and screen documents, images, and videos in operational, as well as lab conditions.

LEAP improves the traditional digital forensic workflow. Before or instead of the manual, step-by-step analysis of the extracted data, which is a time-consuming and overwhelming task, LEAP performs an automated analysis based on machine learning technology and reports relevant findings one step ahead. Once a forensic extraction of a smartphone has been performed using established mobile forensic solutions such as those from, MSAB, Oxygen Forensics, Cellebrite, and Grayshift, LEAP reads the extracted data, performs an automated screening, and creates a summary report of the relevant information. Next to the mobile extraction files, LEAP can perform the analysis on audio files and raw media data from sources other than smartphones.

Key Advantages:

  • Actionable Intel: it is instant and automatic, specially designed for Law Enforcement
  • Input Agnostic, Standardized, and Easy to customize: fit the users’ requirements and existing workflows
  • Minimal Training: it can be used by technical laymen, intuitive use
  • Fast Data Screening: triage of audio files and raw media data,
  • Smart: uses AI technologies like language analysis, state-of-the-art object recognition, Face detection, OCR, and pattern recognition.


  • User Account Information
  • Country of Origin indication
  • Language Analysis
  • Geo-Location Analysis
  • Spatial Pattern Recognition (SPaRc)
  • Forensic Images
  • Document Analysis (OCR)
  • Image & Video Analysis
  • Object Recognition*
*Object recognition classes:
• Identification and travel documents (passports, credit cards, driver’s licenses, etc.)
• Vehicle license plates
• Screenshots of maps
• Terrorist propaganda and symbolism
• Weapons
• Military uniforms and masked individuals
• Documents (including OCR)
• Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)
• Age & Gender detection (default 0-15 years)
• Endangered Wildlife
• Faces recognition

LEAP Add-ons:

Audio Analysis

Using a 3rd party integration, LEAP supports keyword searching from audio files contained within a device extraction.

T3K Terrorist and Violent Extremist Content Database

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