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Call detail records provide a plethora of information that can help track a suspect phones whereabouts and movement through a network. It can also assist in the identify of suspects, reveal hidden details of those suspect’s relationships with associates, provide details as to their communication and behavioral patterns and tendencies.

Using MapLink with asset in the analysis of call activity, general location and possible travel of a single user or multiple users. It will allow you to easily produce a map which can illustrate that the movement of a user through a network of towers.maplink

  • Import Call Detail Records from all major carriers (Verizon, ATT, Sprint, Metro PCS/T-Mobile, etc)
  • View direction from cell tower where call or SMS originated
  • View details of all calls and SMS
  • Add heading/angle/radius information to view Beam Width’s and target your person of interest!
  • Insert arrows, callout boxes, images, custom markers, draw paths and lines etc etc.
  • Draw tower beams with headings, angles, beam width’s and radii, in just a couple of minutes
  • Discover if an individual was driving while on a call and locate start and end points
  • Save maps as XML, KML/KMZ, and PDF files
  • Filter points and activity by hour, day, or month and view a playback of the movement by timestamp
  • Insert Shapefiles
  • Work with maps even when there is no Network connection
  • Geocode/plot an address on map
  • Reverse Geocode and plot point on map with Lat/Long data
  • Export map to PDF for reporting