Join us for this hour long presentation where we’ll the learn about T3K Core’s screening capabilities, and how it’s being used to accelerate investigations which involve large amounts of seized digital devices.

CORE (Content Review Engine) is a software solution that classifies and selects images and videos with the aim of finding CSAM material (Child Sexual Abuse Material). This information can reside on computers but also on network servers. CORE is part of T3K’s LEAP platform, but is also available as a standalone application with an Application Programming Interface (API) to be integrated into external solutions.

The AI image and video classifications performed by CORE can be configured for specific applications. One, for example, is designed for large databases with images, which CORE easily sorts and presents in a pallet view. Another example is an application with the largest available database of Salafist-Jihadist extremism material. URLs, documents, hashes, faces of people, etc. are compared with the dataset to be analysed using CORE.

Furthermore, by combining and developing CORE engines, new possibilities arise. An example of this is searching a database of images by simply typing in search arguments as text.

About the Presenter Simon North

Simon is Partner Manager at T3K, assisting government agencies, resellers and private businesses to get the most out of T3K’s portfolio. Having come from the Trust and Safety Team at YouTube, he is aware of the challenges that businesses and organizations face with illicit content and how to identify and classify it faster and smarter.