Documenting Digital Evidence with Screenshots | ADF Webinar

Documenting Digital Evidence with Screenshots | ADF Webinar

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Join ADF Solutions presenter Rich Frawley & Teel Tech Canada host Frank Corkery as we learn more about Documenting Digital Evidence with Screenshots.

Screenshots are used to document evidence or items of relevance on mobile devices every day. In this hour long session, discover how to properly document mobile device evidence with screenshots to capture user and device-specific evidence.

Join Rich Frawley, Director of Digital Forensics Training at ADF Solutions, as he discusses the current state of acquiring data from mobile devices and how to properly document screenshots when acquiring application or device-specific data. Investigators and examiners will walk away knowing screenshot basics, when screenshots should be employed, best practices, chain of custody, and how to make sure your evidence is reliable. This is a beginner-level session good for front-line investigators, examiners, prosecutors, and anyone involved in the processing and reporting of mobile evidence.

About the Presenter Richard Frawley

Richard Frawley is the Director of Training with ADF Solutions and is responsible for all training content globally. Richard started with ADF in 2016 as a Digital Forensic Specialist and quickly took charge of creating the content to build confidence in the use of the ADF suite of tools. Richard has successfully transformed the in-person classes of old into a dynamic online and virtual experience. Richard spent 22 years in Law Enforcement as a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner and Cybercrime.