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Elcomsoft Advanced iOS Forensics Training

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This class is offered in partnership with Elcomsoft, Russia’s leading password recovery, data decryption and mobile forensics service providers.

Course Objective

In this 3-day course on iOS forensics, students are led through the fundamentals of mobile forensics including an overview of common mobile platforms and operating systems.

Students will learn about the most effective workflow including:

    • evidence preservation,
    • logical, physical and cloud-based acquisition,
    • how to cope with encryption and password protection,
    • develop skills necessary to successfully obtain evidence from locked devices and password-protected backups.

Attendees who successfully pass the class assignments will be given a certificate of completion.

Among our certified trainees are police, law enforcement, security officers, computer security professionals, and penetration testers.

What Will I Learn?

The students will develop an in-depth knowledge of password protection and data encryption techniques used in mobile forensics. The attendees will further master modern technologies for mobile forensics, evidence preservation, data extraction and decryption. The students will master the data extraction workflow using logical, physical and cloud acquisition methods; develop jailbreaking skills and learn how to use a jailbreak for data extraction on different generations of iOS devices. The attendees will master cloud extraction, including the extraction of static backups and dynamic (synced) evidence.

Introduction to the Elcomsoft training program.

  • A brief overview of global mobile platforms
  • The mobile forensics workflow (steps and techniques)
  • Physical, logical and cloud acquisition methods compared
  • Jailbreak-based physical acquisition (32-bit and 64-bit devices)
  • Authentication tokens and pairing records
  • Multi-platform data extraction
  • Cloud-based over-the-air data acquisition
  • Handling two-factor authentication
  • Extracting IM communications and other app data

Bundle & Save

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“The instructors came across as very experienced in the delivery of technical matters. They approached every section with detail and full coverage.”


All attendees are invited to do a practical exercise on mobile forensics. Using a proper workflow for seizing and storing mobile devices to preserve evidence, and using all available acquisition steps in the right order are essential parts of the training.

Attendees will be using the skills and knowledge acquired during the training to perform acquisition of a given iPhone device. Attendees who successfully pass the assignments will be awarded a certificate.

Who can take this course?

This training course has been designed for digital forensic investigators, law enforcement personnel, e-discovery, and IT security specialists looking to further develop their mobile forensic skill sets to encompass password recovery and data encryption.

About the Instructors

Oleg-HD2Oleg Afonin is a researcher and an expert in digital forensics. He is a frequent speaker at industry-known conferences such as CEIC, HTCIA, FT-Day, Techno Forensics and others. Oleg co-authored multiple publications on IT security and mobile forensics. With years of experience in digital forensics and security domain, Oleg led forensic training courses for law enforcement departments in multiple countries.

Vladimir Katalov is CEO, co-founder and co-owner of ElcomSoft Co.Ltd. Vladimir manages all technical research and product development in the company. He regularly presents on various events and runs security and computer forensics training both for foreign and inner (Russian) computer investigative committees and other law enforcement organizations.

Laptop Requirements

We prefer students to bring their own laptops whenever possible. If this is not possible, Teel Tech Canada will provide one for you. If you are unable to bring your own laptop, please indicate so on the registration page.

For students bringing a laptop to class, please ensure they meet the following minimum requirements:
Windows 10; admin privileges

  • Windows 10; admin privileges
  • Dual-core CPU (recommended: 4+ cores)
  • 16 GB RAM (recommended: 32)
  • NVIDIA 1060 card (recommended: 1080 or 2080)

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