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Foclar Media Enhancement & Analysis Software

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About Foclar

Foclars mission is to translate advanced scientific methods and algorithms, for the enhancement and analysis of images and videos, to intuitive software applications custom made for law-enforcement.


Image & Video Enhancement
IMPRESS is a forensic image and video enhancement program that has proven itself over 25 years in forensic investigations. It includes many science-based filters and automatically saves the operations performed (audit trail). Enhancing recordings forensically correct can be very complex and challenging, therefore, we have extensive help functions integrated into the program.


Image & Video Authentication
With all the cameras and recorders nowadays, it is hard to determine the source of a media file. “Where did it come from?” and “Has it been manipulated?” are two very important questions when it comes to media files as evidence in court. Especially because media manipulation is made very easy with all the different (free) tools available on the market.


Image Comparison Using Reverse Projection
COREPRO is a software tool used for image comparison using reverse projection, a form of photogrammetry. Reverse projection is a quick and very simple way to obtain information about the size of an object or person of interest. You can now place a “target” in the live feed in the same position as the object/person and estimate the size, shape and visible features of the object/person.