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The Optimal Solution for Illegal Video Distribution

The spread of illegal videos on the internet is a serious social problem. Due to the nature of our online world, once an illegal video has circulated, the damage caused is devastating as it cannot be completely deleted. Victims of illegal video distribution are often subjected to harassment, embarrassment, and trauma. These victims often experience extreme mental and social suffering, which can result in extreme measures being taken.

How IVTS Works

The IVTS software helps investigators minimizes damage by quickly obtaining illegal video data that is being spread online by using an advanced crawling system and then responding promptly based on the data acquired. IVTS acquires and compares the DNA of numerous videos to distinguish duplicates or similar videos, in order to revolutionize the workload of the worker or investigator.

  • Automatic collection of illegal video data that is widely spread online.
  • Fast and accurate analysis of video illegality using video feature point (DNA).
  • Thousands of simultaneous monitoring of Illegal sexually explicit video spreader on a torrent.
  • Tracing illegal actors based on analyzed information (IP, Domain).
  • Results report for legal action.

It extracts and analyzes the unique DNA of the collected videos and automatically judges whether the videos are illegal or not. IVTS provides prompt and accurate investigation assistance based on its customization system, and according to the needs of the investigation agency

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    IVTS is made up of four main components

    VIS – Video Identification System

    VIS uses DNA extraction technology to find similarities or identities between videos and will automatically sort and classify duplicated files. Its primary function is to extract and compare the feature points of the video so that even if it has been distorted or modified, it can be compared and identified to the original source.


    TRAP is used to trace heavy uploaders through Torrent and provides IP information about the Torrent file sharer, without sharing data using unique P2P non-cooperative network monitoring technology.


    FindNS provides a wealth of information to investigators by reporting in-depth IP and Domain information of the illegal hosting sites.


    This advanced crawling system provides investigators with 24-hour, real-time collection and monitoring. The crawling system is configured by customizing the collection target (p2p, SNS, adult site, etc.) requested by the customer and then performs monitoring, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by the target.