Intelligent Automated Redaction for Video & Audio Based Evidence



Expedite Audio, Video, and Image-Based Evidence Redaction Software

The high cost and resource commitment of redacting sensitive information from media evidence is taking its toll on public safety agencies. Yet doing so is required to keep witnesses safe, comply with freedom of information laws, and other public records requests.

Veritone Redact systematically detects human heads, license plates, officer notepads, laptops (MDTs) as well as enables users to manually define other sensitive imagery and objects within a scene, then automatically redacts this information from audio, video and image-based evidence. From there, the redacted evidence can quickly be downloaded with logs to support chain of custody requirements and share it with colleagues, public defenders or other key stakeholders.

Accelerate Evidence Redaction Workflows

Developed for public safety and justice agencies, cloud-based Veritone Redact automates the process of obscuring sensitive imagery or audio in media evidence, significantly improving manual and time-intensive, frame-by-frame and word-by-word evidence redaction workflows.

With automatic tracking of sensitive imagery, you can use Veritone Redact to quickly tackle massive volumes of video content at incredible speed and efficiency. Additionally, you can also search for keywords and phrases captured within the recorded audio and quickly redact those items too.



Redact detected heads, user-defined objects and even spoken words and phrases within video evidence automatically with one-click. Additional redactions can always be performed if additional personally identifiable information was missed.


Manage your digital evidence redaction workloads by tagging audio or video evidence with its status in the approval workflow for easy project tracking among your team.


Capture comprehensive reporting of all actions taken against redacted video or audio evidence to support your compliance with chain of custody requirements.


Automatically detect heads, license plates, and laptops (MDTs) within your video and image-based evidence, with results displayed chronologically in a preview pane as well as within the video player itself.


Quickly locate words or phrases spoken by individuals in audio evidence, such as interview room recordings, 911 calls and audio from body cams or in-car video systems via keyword search. All audio redaction is transcript-based providing additional visual support and allowing for highest accuracy.


Download your redacted video or audio files and all actions taken as audit logs with a click of a button to your local computer.


Select user-defined objects such as ID cards, officer notebooks or any other PII within your video evidence, then optionally track the item forward in the video. What’s more, with live tracking, define a zone then manually follow that item with your cursor during video playback for subsequent redaction.

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    Accelerate Your Case Investigations & Clearances

    From emails to text messages to audio and video communications, the quantity and variety of Electronically Stored Information used as evidence in investigations and legal proceedings is endless. Hidden within this information may be critical insights that could determine the outcome of a case. This is precisely where Veritone helps.

    Find What’s Most Relevant in Your Evidence

    With Veritone Illuminate, quickly and cost-effectively transcribe and translate audio and video-based evidence such as interview recordings, jail calls, and depositions. Once transcribed, easily review speaker-separated conversations that can be searched through by keywords or phrases. Looking for someone or something in video evidence? No problem, people of interest and various objects can be searched for, too.

    What’s more, larger data sets can be culled and clustered into topics and concepts to aid in further discovery and insight. Optionally, media assets and transcripts can be easily be imported into leading eDiscovery platforms to complete additional workflow requirements.


    Accelerate early case assessment efforts by automatically making structured and unstructured (audio, video) evidence data searchable by keywords, faces, objects, and more. Cull down evidence data to focus your eDiscovery on relevant content only

    Minimize storage costs by culling and analyzing large volumes of evidentiary media at scale. Reduce translation costs by leveraging automated machine-based capabilities supporting 70+ languages and dialects

    Reveal front-end insights that might not have been uncovered in subsequent search efforts with cutting-edge conceptual and structured text analytics supporting text-based files, audio and video

    Facilitate downstream review via one-click export into your eDiscovery platform of choice – such as Relativity, Nuix/Ringtail, Opentext and iConnect

    Quickly transcribe audio recordings. All transcripts can be downloaded and opened with any word processing application such as Microsoft Word.

    Automatically make structured and unstructured evidence data searchable by keywords, faces, objects and more. Cull down evidence data to focus your eDiscovery on relevant content only

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