Computer Forensics Services

Advanced Mobile Device Forensics and Data Recovery

Experts in Low-Level Data Analysis

BGA Chip-off Forensics

Specializing in chip-level acquisition and decoding, as well as processing devices for quick turn-around, we are well equipped  and skilled in recovering data from mobile devices and other media regardless of their physical state.

With laboratories in Connecticut, Virginia and Victoria, BC, and experts throughout the world, we’re ready to handle your difficult devices, or supporting your larger caseloads.

Data Recovery and Examination Services for Mobile Devices, SIMs and Small Media

Teel Technologies offers:

  • Screen Capture
  • Logical and Physical Data Acquisition
  • JTAG and Chip-off Data Recovery


Custom Developed Scripting Solutions For Data Carving and Decoding

The pace of mobile development and device deployment has never been faster and continues to increase at an exponential rate. Try as they might, mobile forensic vendors are faced with an almost insurmountable task – to not only obtain a read of a device but to parse through the data so that its presentable in court.

At Teel Technologies, innovation and forward thinking are our hallmark. We now offer custom developed scripting solutions for carving out data from the unparsed binary data of mobile phones, for an affordable price that fits into your existing examination methodology and tool set.

This means that if critical data exists in the area of device memory that a vendor hasn’t parsed yet, Teel Technologies can assist the investigator in creating a solution that will not only get the data but present it in a way that is legal presentation ready.

Investigators can concentrate on solving cases – not learning how to program and reverse engineer proprietary operating systems – at a justifiable and affordable price that works with your everyday forensic tools.