Medusa Pro 2

Medusa PRO II Box is a brand new version of the professional phone servicing tool intended for a wide range of Samsung, Huawei, LG, Lenovo, Motorola, Oppo, Sony, Xiaomi, ZTE, and other devices through USB, UFS, and MMC interfaces.

The main intended purpose of Medusa PRO II Box is repairing dead boots of the devices (mobile phones, PDAs, modems, etc.) or these devices recovery until they become fully operational.

Medusa Pro 2 Basic Kit

Product Code: AP-MED-PRO2-BASIC

Medusa Pro 2 (Basic Set) – Package Contents:

  • Medusa Pro 2 Box
  • Medusa Pro 2 Smart Card Reader with Smart Card.
  • Medusa Pro 2 Pin – Connector Adapter
  • USB 3.0 A – A Data Cable

Medusa Pro 2 Full Kit Contents

Product Code: AP-MED-PRO2-FULL-SET

Medusa Pro 2 (Full Set) – Package Contents:

  • Medusa Pro 2 Box
  • Medusa Pro 2 Smart Card Reader w/ Smart Card
  • Medusa Pro 2 Pin – Connector Adapter
  • USB 3.0 A – A Data Cable
  • Medusa Pro II eMMC 4 In 1 Socket Adapter
  • Medusa Pro II UFS 095 Socket Adapter
  • Medusa Pro II UFS 153 Socket Adapter
  • Fast USB 3.0 high-speed mode (+USB 2.0 compatibility)
  • UFS data transfer speed 55 MB/s (writing) / 100 MB/s (reading) and more
    • depends on PWM/HS working mode and flash storage speed
  • 1-bit, 4-bit and 8-bit MMC buses supported (40 MB/s and more)
    • speed depends on bus width and flash storage speed
  • In System Programming (ISP) now possible for MMC and UFS flash memory types
    • without desoldering, if there is a technical capability to solder by means of PIN-CONNECTOR expansion board
  • All output voltages (VCC, VCCQ, VCCQ2) regulation within operation range 1.2…3.3V
  • Full-featured professional software
    • Supports all operations (Read, Write and Edit) with any required memory partition via UFS, MMC, and USB interfaces.
  • Service operations with UFS memory
    • Divide flash memory into LUN units
    • Work with descriptors, attributes, flags
    • Write OEM ID
    • Erase memory on all active LUN
    • Read RPMB Counter
  • Service operation with MMC flash memory
    • Edit: geometry, partitions, CID, CSD and other data registers
    • Restore/Update flash memory firmware
    • Read/View Extended CSD registers
    • Format flash memory
  • Simple intuitive GUI interface suitable for both beginners and experts
  • Quick device restoration by means of SRF files
  • SRF files contain partition data as well as other useful information (help files and diagrams)
  • SRF data are compressed (to increase performance)
  • Built-in Partition Manager
    • Partition Manager allows you to edit the required partitions and save changes thus improving user experience. Plus, you will be able to open Full Flash binary files, edit the file content and save the edited file back on the device.
  • Simple operation for each partition separately (Read, Write, Erase, Edit) on the specific storage devices
  • Built-in Smart-Repair-File Constructor with Partition Manager for creating your own SRF files
    • SRF file can be taken from the device or read from Full Flash binary file. This functionality allows user (without developer’s assistance) add devices to the list of supported models, which are not officially supported yet. User can upload the custom SRF file into separate section of Support Zone and submit it for further analysis of the developers. If this custom SRF file is considered legitimate and correct, name (or nickname) of the author will be credited within the next update. Thus, user has the opportunity to participate in the development of Medusa PRO II and become known in certain circles.
  • Built-in Download Manager allows you to download files directly from the software
  • Devices with NAND, OneNAND and eMMC memory types are supported via USB interface
  • Devices with eMMC memory type are supported via MMC interface
  • Software is compatible with Windows 10
  • KLUDG8J1EB-B0B1  SAMSUNG 119.19 GB
  • KLUDG8V1EE-B0C1  SAMSUNG 119.19 GB
  • KLUDG8J1CB-B0B1  SAMSUNG 119.19 GB
  • KLUDG4U1EA-B0C1  SAMSUNG 119.20 GB
  • H28U74303AMR (hC8aM1)  SKHYNIX 60 GB
  • H28U74301AMR (hC8aL1)  SKHYNIX 60 GB
  • H28U62301AMR (hB8aL1)  SKHYNIX 29.81 GB

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    Additional Adapters

    eMMC 4 In 1 Socket Adapter

    Product Code: AP-MED-PR02-EMMC-ADP

    This set allows Medusa Pro II users to work with eMMC flash memory and includes:

    • eMMC 4 In 1 Socket Adapter
    • BGA 221
    • BGA 162/186
    • BGA 153/169
    • BGA 529

    UFS Socket Adapters

    Product Code: AP-MED-PR02-UFS-ADP

    This set includes:

    • UFS BGA-095 Socket Adapter
    • UFS BGA-153 Socket Adapter

    Medusa Pro 2 Upgrade Kit

    Product Code: AP-MED-PRO-UPGRADE

    Medusa Pro II Upgrade Set is intended for those users who already own Medusa / Medusa Pro Box / Octoplus Pro Box and would like to upgrade to the Medusa Pro II version.

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