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Developed by CCL’s R&D Centre of Excellence, RabbitHole is setting a new standard in forensic data exploration tools.

Now you can drill down into data and effortlessly switch to the optimal view for the data format you are looking at. That means stand-out performance and
cost-efficiency out of the box. It’s not just about saving time but also enabling analysts to understand the results they get better and faster – all of which translates neatly into greater job throughput and higher quality output.

Key benefits

Greater cost-efficiency
The need to invest in only one tool combined with its faster throughput overall delivers both financial savings and operational gains

Higher quality output
RabbitHole enables analysts to understand the results they get better and faster, with the ability to drill down into data seamlessly and understand data embedded in other data

Better user experience
Developed by analysts for analysts, this is all about giving users more time to work with the data, less time spent wrangling with the tools

Enhanced job velocity
The ability to process and report on data that other tools just don’t process, coupled with avoiding having to export between different tools hugely accelerates the data exploration phase.

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