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Email Forensic Software that is Fast, Accurate, and User-Friendly
Aid4Mail is a fast, accurate, and easy-to-learn email forensics software solution. Over the years, it has become an essential tool for computer forensics and e-discovery professionals around the world.


Choose Aid4Mail for Windows when you need to migrate email accounts quickly and reliably… When you’re under pressure to process email data for litigation purposes… And when you can’t afford to risk losing or compromising email data…

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Get Aid4Mail 5 Now!

Up to 6x faster, powerful filtering with Gmail and O365 email search operators, adds OST, OLM, and Mimecast formats, integrated Python scripting, simplified licensing, and lots more.

 Aid4Mail 5 RC is now available with a full feature set!

Developing quality software takes time. We’ve worked hard to implement many of the features you requested. In addition, we’ve added lots of new and unique capabilities to provide high-quality results quickly! Licensing terms are also more flexible, removing many former restrictions.

Aid4Mail 5 is now feature-complete and available as a release candidate (RC). It has been extensively tested and is safe to use in a live production environment.

Aid4Mail 5 comes in three editions:

  1. Aid4Mail Converter focuses on email conversion and is very fast! With this license, you may process an unlimited number of mail stores, whether in-house or from external sources.
  2. Aid4Mail Investigator uses the same engine as Converter and adds powerful email filtering, Bates stamping and Python scripting.
  3. Aid4Mail Enterprise includes all the Investigator features, offers additional source and target formats, and can be installed on a server or run from a USB drive.

Read on to find which best suits your needs.


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