Teel Tech Canada RIFF Kit

Price: $275.00 USD
Product Code: #AP-RIFFK

The Teel Tech Riff Kit includes the Riff Box V2, as well as essential complementary parts that enable examiners to get the most from the box for forensics. All students of our Advanced JTAG 2.0 Forensics with certification training receive the TTC Riff Kit in class.

Packaged in a convenient case, the kit includes:

  • Riff Box V2
  • Connector ribbons
  • Small and large solder boards
  • Complete Molex connectors and boards
  • Practice solder board
  • Ohms
  • Test leads
  • Enameled wire
  • TeelTech Solder Guide with coordinated 3ft rainbow wire strips

About the new RIFF Box 2

It’s been six years since the initial release of the original RIFF box by Rocker Team, and the wait for the new and improved RIFF Box is finally over. The new development supports regular users, but also offers improved features for more advanced users. The new hardware has been designed to facilitate a wide array of communication protocols, including those of highest importance for starters.

The new RIFF Box 2 hardware and software is fully compatible with Windows 10, simplifying the installation process. Just connect RIFF Box 2 to Windows 10 based PC and everything is automatically installed. For older versions of Windows, custom drivers have been provided along with a RIFF JTAG Manager installer.

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