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Biocapture – Contactless fingerprint capturing on smartphones

Biocapture is a technology that provides swift, touchless, and user-friendly acquisition of fingerprints, through commercial off-the-shelf smartphones/tablets. 

Biocapture SDK’s design is created with ease of use and speed in mind for non-technical front-line users with minimal training required to capture fingerprints effectively. As opposed to state-of-the-art techniques based on stationary contactless dactylographic sensors, Biocapture allows Law Enforcement to be truly mobile in their actions while making the traditional fingerprinting more efficient and reliable. Authorities are enabled to take fingerprint samples at any point of time and any location without the need for specific equipment, both from living and deceased individuals, in a hygienic manner.

It is designed to capture the prints from all 10 fingers of a person for enrollment, storing on the devices for subsequent processing, or immediate online or offline verification and identification in various conditions. Resulting in high-quality fingerprints that are compatible with prevailing industry-standard file and document formats standards and AFIS/ABISs.

Advanced and secure biometric technology is finally reaching smartphone users, closing the gap between the need for fast biometric authentication and the general unavailability of such technology for individual use.

Supported features

  • Biocapture allows enrollment to databases and performs authentication against “rolled” digital
  • samples and “flatbed” scans
  • Autocalibration feature
  • Users can perform self-thumb scanning in unattended scanning scenarios
  • Selection of single- or multi-finger capturing, missing fingers can be omitted from the scanning process
  • Offline matcher is available on request with a limited number of prints
  • Proven liveness detection – does not capture from photos or video
  • A built-in visual quality assessment feature shows a live preview of the fingerprint quality, based on NIST NFIQ 2.

Technical Requirements & Specifications


  • Android 7.0 (API Level 24) or higher
  • 4 Core CPU, ARM64-v8a (8 Core recommended)
  • 4Gb RAM (6Gb recommended )
  • Minimum 6MP+, API 2 back camera
  • LED Light
  • Auto-Focus capable

Apple iPhone

  • iPhone 7 and newer

Output Format Support

  • WSQ
  • JPEG 2000
  • Custom Bitmap Format
  • NIST (Typ 14) on iOS (Android on request)
  • NFIQ2

AFIS Support

  • Biocapture has been tested against common FP matcher and AFIS databases
  • Standard NIST formats such as WSQ or JPEG2000 support
  • Bitmap output format support for custom integration and projects
  • Support of 500 and 1000 dpi output images (1000 dpi depending on hardware performance and camera) WSQ or JPEG2000
  • Support opensource free matcher and AFIS systems (available soon)

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