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Guardonix USB3 Accelerator, Stabilizer and Writeblocker

Developed by Canadian manufacturer DeepSpar, the Guardonix is a feature-rich write blocker that allows Windows applications to access unstable/damaged storage devices, greatly improves triage by allowing investigators to perform keyword searches in real-time during the imaging process, and can significantly accelerate flash storage acquisition. It is quickly becoming an essential part of any digital forensic investigator’s tool kit.

Standard Edition

Includes USB cable and power supply. 1-year warranty.
Requires Windows 10 x64.
Works with any non-proprietary USB mass storage device.

Features Include:

  • Enabling forensic acquisition of USB storage devices by blocking all write commands to preserve data integrity.
  • Helping prevent Windows from freezing, crashing, and/or dropping USB storage devices due to bad sectors or other read instability issues.
  • Works bus-powered with all storage devices except the most power-hungry HDDs.
  • Allows connecting the source drive to an unpowered USB port, reducing the risk of damage from short circuits and electrostatic shock.

Professional Upgrade

Firmware upgrade extending the unit’s functionality.

Features Include

  • Accelerates acquisition speed of SSDs and other fast flash storage devices by an average of 30%, compared to a direct, writeblocker-free connection to USB3.0.
  • Allows searching for specific keywords within the data going through the device in real-time, and in most cases without reducing imaging speed.
  • Enforces read timeout by hardware resets, dramatically speeding up bad sector processing, which allows imaging highly degraded HDDs/SSDs.
  • Advanced logging capabilities, ATA password & WD Smartware unlocking, access to HPA & DCO hidden data areas, graphical speed display, USB-SCSI error reporting, complete sector-level status information, and much more.

Additional Adapters

Includes adapters for:

  • SATA
  • NVMe PCIe M.2 M-key
  • AHCI PCIe M.2 M-key
  • Apple 12+16 pin PCIe SSDs

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