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digital-forensic-training-verticalDigital Forensic Training

Bringing quality, cost-effective and platform-neutral education to the community, Teel Technologies Canada courses cover both advanced forensics, as well as tool-specific training per customer requirements. Our current course offerings, including Advanced Analysis, Smart Phone Forensics, BlackBerry Forensics and Device repair / Chip removal for examination, provide practitioners with the skills that go beyond the standard logical acquisition and analysis efforts.

Our tool-specific classes are custom-configurable for each client, based upon their specific requirements or tool deployments. And we have a complete mobile classroom that enables us to bring the classroom to the students, and set-up where needed.

Teel Tech Canada Foundation Classes

JTAG Training

Earn your Teel Tech JTAG Forensic Certification with our new 5 Day JTAG forensics course. In this course students will gain necessary soldering skills, and practice advanced JTAG access options.

Chip-Off Training

Our 5-day Chip-Off 2.0 Forensics training with certification provides students with a comprehensive education into performing forensics on BGA memory chips used in today’s mobile devices.


In our 8-day combined JTAG/Chip-Off training students learn the skills required to successfully perform memory acquisitions using the JTAG and using Advanced BGA Chip-off techniques

Cold Chip-Off Training

Our NEW 2-Day Cold Chip-Off Training offers digital forensics professionals new techniques for removing memory and other IC chips from digital devices using a “no heat” process.

ISP Training

ISP “In-System Programming” applied to forensics, is the practice of connecting to an eMMC or eMCP flash memory chip for the purpose of downloading a device’s complete memory contents.

Flasher Box/Bootloader Training

In our 4-day Advanced Flasher Box Bootloader class, students will gain an understanding of Flasher Box & Bootloader utilities to unlock and acquire mobile device memory.

Partner Training

SQLite Forensic Training

SQLite Forensics is considered the future of digital mobile forensics! In this 3-day class students will the skills required to perform low-level analysis and recovery on SQLite databases

Scripting for DFI

Our 5 day, Scripting for Digital Forensic Investigators course, students will learn the basics of programming languages, algorithmic principles, planning, preparation, and execution of program code.

Password Recovery & Data Decryption Training

In this 3-day Password Recovery and Data Decryption for Mobile Forensics Course, students will develop an in-depth knowledge of password protection and data encryption techniques used in mobile forensics.

Oxygen Forensics Expert Certification

In our 5-day Oxygen Forensics Expert Certification training, students will obtain in-depth education in physical images, understand file system formats, storage methods and evidence locations, and much more.

PC-3000 Flash & Monolith Data Recovery Training

Students attending this 4-day training will receive in-depth education involving  both Flash and MONOLITH Data recovery techniques.

PC-3000 HDD & SSD Data Recovery Training

Students attending this 4-day training will receive in-depth education involving  HDD Data Recovery using PC-3000 Express and UDMA, and much more.

Nuix Foundations Training

Nuix Foundations – Investigations is a 3-day classroom-based training course intended to take an examiner new to the Nuix Investigator tool through techniques in creating cases, processing file data and analyzing evidence more efficiently.

FVFTC Training

This 4-day Forensics Video Field Technician Certificate (FVFTC),will assist front-line law enforcement personnel with the capture of video from CCTV systems, and the extraction or production of still images from that video, and much more!