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Regional Digital intelligence for your city.

SafeCity by Web-IQ provides local government and law enforcement with the tools needed to detect criminal activity targeting your city by harvesting structured data from the Dark Net and other online forums into actionable , data driven intelligence.

SafeCity can help identify:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Tor Hidden Services
  • Enforcing Prostitution Regulations
  • Money Laundering
  • Signals of Criminal Activities
  • Internet Relations  & Information Solutions

SafeCity  offers insights into online informal relations which can be hard for investigators to distinguish. Our data pinpoints whether people, companies, and / or addresses have an online connection by scanning hundreds of websites, social media accounts and forums within seconds.

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    Key Features Include:

    • Secure Browser 
    • API Access
    • Data Snap Shots
    • Notifications
    • Insights
    • Text search
    • Dataset Trafficking Forums (updated daily)
    • Dataset Darknet (updated daily)
    • Monthly Data Snapshots
    • Full Hosted Service Including Support