Discover how MD5’s forensic virtualization software VFC allows you to access device data in a secure environment without the cost of a full forensic analysis.

Safely view everything on the computer in seconds. VFC allows you to create a virtual machine in seconds, without compromising the original data. VFC removes the guesswork from virtualization and allows the investigator to concentrate on the investigation by allowing the investigator to experience the original computer environment, just like the original user.

In this presentation Tom will touch on the robust capabilities offered by VFC (Virtual Forensic Computing), including:

  • Password bypass tool and password reset tools
  • Windows live account conversion
  • Creates VMs in seconds and removes passwords in seconds
  • Stand-alone VM
  • User friendly both in investigations and portraying evidence
  • Prioritizing capability
  • Using with a write blocker
  • Complements existing forensic software
  • Triage capability
  • Evidence that can be discovered using a VM