Monolith Forensics  | Webinar

Monolith Forensics | Webinar

3 Strategies to Reduce the Load on Your Digital Forensics Lab

Every forensics lab has a series of workflows they need to manage that slows everything down.  We will discuss 3 major features in Monolith that are designed to ease the burden on the lab by streamlining some of these common workflows like evidence intake, case reporting, and metrics reporting.

About Matt Danner

Matt Danner is the Owner/Founder of Monolith Forensics and the lead developer of Monolith, a case and evidence management system for digital forensics.  Before working on Monolith full time, he was a DFIR professional with 10 years of experience working for organizations in both the public and private sectors.  Matt regularly offers services as a forensics expert/consultant to clients to maintain his skill set and to stay on top of forensic trends and practices.

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Upcoming Webinar:xBit Digital Case Management Software

Upcoming Webinar:
xBit Digital Case Management Software

Live Webinar
March 29 at 11:00 a.m. PT / 2:00 p.m. ET

Join us live to see how Teel Technologies is using xBit to simplify the cataloging of digital evidence for today’s forensic investigators.

As the amount of increasingly complex case data grows, forensic examiners must evolve their tools to keep from being overwhelmed. Learn how xBit is helping Digital Forensic Investigators organize their data without relying on spreadsheets.

What is xBit?

It is a digital case management software built specifically for mobile forensic examiners by mobile forensic examiners with features unique such as:

  • Simple Organization & Management
  • Apex Database
  • License Management System
  • Scalable Deployment
  • Audit Logs & Grant Assistance


Gone are the days of trying to keep case data organized in excel sheets. xBit is the simple, practical, and cost-effective solution to help manage your growing digital case data.