Webinar Overview

In this hour long session we will discover more about the advanced acquisition and decoding techniques used to recover data from vehicle infotainment systems, navigation systems, and other electronic control units.

We will explore advanced data extraction methods used by examiners when the major tools either don’t provide support, or the hardware is not in adequate condition to use standard acquisition techniques.

In this session you will discover how to deal with data from 3 different chip types: eMMC, NAND, and NOR; receive an overview of ISP/ Direct eMMC as an advanced non-destructive data extraction method; and as a last resort, the Chip-Off process, which is considered the most destructive.

This webinar will feature topics that are covered in the Teel Technologies Canada 5-Day Advanced Acquisition Vehicle Forensics Training.

About the Presenter – Frank Corkery

Sales & Forensic Services Teel Tech Canada/Europe

Frank is a digital forensics examiner and technical sales representative for Teel Technologies Canada based in Ottawa, Ontario.  He has been with Teel since 2018. His focus is on  conducting and managing digital forensic investigations following industry standard methodology for a wide range of private, public and government organizations.  Frank also works with clients to support their needs for forensics hardware, software, and services.